Wednesday, 15 June 2011

London Mum takes part in the world's largest Zumba class to raise money for children's charity

At last, the long awaited proof that I really did take part in the world's largest Zumba class!

Hopefully my little video will amuse and entertain you, but there are some important take home messages too:

1) Always pull in ("engage") your tummy while exercising, especially if you are planning to shoot video clips from a weird upwards angle.

2) Fluorescent greenish-yellow ra-ra skirts are all the rage, apparently. You must go out and get one immediately.

3) Always wear 50+ sunblock for outdoor exercise if the dress you are wearing to next week's Christening doesn't have precisely the same neckline as your pink lycra top. D'OH!

Thanks for watching, and remember, if you love it, please leave a comment and share it with your friends!

I took part in the event to raise money for a wonderful children's charity called Shooting Star CHASE, helping care for children who are not expected to make it to their 19th birthday. Truly a deserving cause, so please give generously, and help spread the word about their charity by sharing this video.

Photos by iDJ Photography

Many thanks to Zumbawear UK  for organising such a great day out.  


  1. Great (short) video for a good cause...How did you all manage to follow the steps and keep this up for 3 hours? Do you shins ache today?

  2. Congratulations Was everyone there in the "FUN-raiser" fundraiser? Did you reach your goal? Any guys take part?

  3. Well done and what a great cause too. I've recently started zumba and I'm doing a zumbathon in a few weeks, never done more than an hour class eeek!