Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The end of the end. My rear end that is.

totally not mine
Not that I'm bragging, but I once had a very fine rear end indeed. It was a head turner, for sure, and almost definitely the reason my husband was hooked, if not the reason he proposed. A good few months into my first pregnancy, though, I spotted a problem.

I forsaw the end of my end, so to speak.

Somewhere along the way, my body had started to use completely different muscles to accommodate my changing shape. Abs were a lost cause, that much was to be expected... but my glutes? Oh no! So 2 babies later, I find myself feeling young at heart but stuck with Mono Bum, seemingly about a foot lower than it used to be. Think you don't know Mono Bum? Next time you're standing in the queue for the post office, (discreetly) check out all the little old ladies in their tan slacks. Ergh.

Anyhow, as there doesn't seem to be a wonderbra for post-baby Mono Bum, I've opted for good old fashioned exercise to see if that will get everything back where it belongs.

Never one to do anything in moderation, I've decided to give my "Goodbye Mono Bum" (do you think Elton John will mind if I use that in a song?) exercise regime a bit of a kick start with the Zumba-thon.

I reckon if I train well enough to get through 3 hours of crazy aerobic latin dancing without the assistance of Jagerbombs, then surely a side-effect might be that I can once again wear my favourite Replay jeans without the horrible squoosh effect.

If you're up for joining my zumbathon team, or giving me enough sponsorship to entice me to create a photo-time-lapse post of Mono Bum's progress, then get in touch!!

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