Friday, 8 April 2011

Do you blog for Google or for your audience?

Little old me, chatting about why I started blogging, why blogging for Google works well but is incredibly dull, and why blogging about fun, interesting stuff made me super happy at the playground last month.

Oh, I should mention that it's my first ever "vlog", and British Mummy Bloggers made me do it. Even though they know I am not british, don't know how to apply make-up (to look good on camera!) or speak with a proper accent, and that I say "um" and "you know" a lot. So, um, have fun watching!


  1. I loved it, Janis,and I am not biased at all!

  2. Weel done from a real technophobe I struggle with the basics so i'm in awe!! Just found your blog via another and have enjoyed catching up on some of your blogs so will be following. Pop to mine if you get a minute Thanks T

  3. By February 2014, G+ has already 359 million active users, it occupies 65% of business/personal search results,