Thursday, 24 February 2011

I'm busy knitting my own tofu over here.

At 2.5 and nearly 4 years old, my children already know which things go in the compost bin, and which recyclables go in which of our assortment of recycling bins. Mini tecchies that they are, they’ve even made it past the Litter-sorting level on the Bob the Builder Nintendo DS game with flying colours. 
Bob the Builder DS game - recycling!

Patting myself on the back for a job well done, I popped some clothes in the tumble dryer and sauntered back (in a t-shirt of course) to my computer. Having left it on standby all night, I didn’t have to waste any time at all waiting for it to boot up.

Somewhere in the back of my mind there is a niggling thought that maybe I should be doing something more…

Mum buying Sainsburys Energy w British Gas Solar Panels with her weekly shop
As luck would have it, an intriguing email invitation had popped up in my inbox (while I was boiling a kettle full of water for my one cup of tea)... it was a special event to talk about making sustainable living a reality for families like mine, and a celebration of the new partnership between Sainsburys and British Gas. It was to take place at Walnut, a lovely little sustainable restaurant in West Hampstead, London, with a handful of other parent bloggers.

I said yes, of course (who could resist their menu!), and later that week found myself pulling up to the venue…. in a Toyota Prius, no less.
Parent bloggers at Sainsburys Energy event at Walnut, West Hampstead (that's me on far left)

Aside from a mouth-watering pan-fried welsh lamb fillet on a coriander and aubergine caviar, the highlight of the event was a talk by eco pundit Lucy Siegle. Far from the dry energy savings talk I was expecting, Lucy spoke to us with passion and humour about a shift of consciousness in our environmental awareness.

Lucy Siegle and a blogger-in-training
I was struck by how she used the terms ‘sustainable living’ and ‘ethical living’ interchangeably. As parents of young children, it’s natural to think about their futures – so we focus on helping them with their phonics or maths homework, and spend hours poring over each school prospectus. But what sort of future will it be if we use up our planet’s resources before they even grow up? Green living, says Lucy Siegle, isn’t a knit-your-own-tofu sort of thing - it’s a social responsibility.

And so, inspired by Lucy’s enthusiasm and impressed by Sainsbury’s commitment to sustainable and ethical living, I’ve unplugged my phone charger, popped on a jumper, and booked myself a Home Energy Assessment.

In fact I’ve even written all about the new Sainsburys Energy in partnership with British Gas over on my website including a wee mention of the 10,000 bonus nectar points you could earn. Click here to have a look!


  1. I love it! Well done's not an easy trick is it?? :)


  2. Far from it - tofu is notoriously slippery.

  3. It suddenly dawned on me this morning, that although your long comment on my aspartame post made my day... I had a terrible feeling that I hadn't replied...
    And I even realised just now that I also hadn't followed you.
    So sorry, but thank you for taking the time to add such an informative comment.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Liska x

  4. Nice handwork you have here. Please let me see the full picture of your knitting once you are done post utme news