Sunday, 23 January 2011

Can you guess where my little girl wants to go on holiday?

As you'll know from reading my recent articles on, I have been feeling very fed up indeed with the chilly British weather, and have been dreaming of a warm holiday. I've chatted to Emma from Tots Too about the most glorious luxury family holidays ever, and to Abi from Bushbaby Travel about safari holidays and wildlife experiences, and have spent countless hours totting up how much my trips home to Canada will cost, even with the ridiculously low prices in the January sales (have a look at Skyscanner and you'll see what I mean). I'm desperate to book something before the sales end but can't decide when and where!!!

Anyhow, it looks like Mads has been dreaming of a warm holiday too so I'm thinking maybe we will go wherever this wonderful place is in her drawing! We can make out golden sand, turquoise ocean, warm sunshine, a rainbow and a red crab... and Mads is doing Jazz Hands in the picture, so wherever it is must be fun.

Can you guess where M wants to go on holiday?

p.s. There really are some great sales on at the moment with BA, Thomas Cook, eBookers, etc. The best place to start is flight comparison site, Skyscanner. Yes, I do get a teeny tiny commission if you decide to book your cheap flights through Skyscanner (at no cost to you), but I genuinely would recommend them if you need to find the best prices quickly!

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