Thursday, 13 January 2011

How to cheer up Daddy's Little Boy

Danger Boy has been feeling really unwell for 4 days now - nothing you can put your finger on, just extreme fatigue, and a fever that comes and goes. The worst part by far is that he is just so unbearably sad. All he wants is to snuggle Daddy, but of course with Daddy at work all week that just isn't possible. Stuck in the house with Mummy he spends hours on end crying and asking for Daddy. I could have done with a little more appreciation for having given up my career to be with him, but hey. Anyhow after more than a year of being told "Shoo Mummy!" by this little Daddy's boy, I'm getting used to it.

I have spent countless hours this week trying to find ways to make him stop crying... and I've stumbled across this video. It's the only thing that works so we've watched it a LOT.

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  1. My 3yo absolutely adores this, thank you! I hope your Son is feeling better now!