Friday, 10 September 2010

Que sera sera... What will Danger Boy be when he grows up?

Ever wondered what your child will grow up to be? When I look at little Danger Boy I often wonder what he will look like, how he will sound, how he will enjoy spending his time. My friends and I piece together all of his funny little ways, his personality, and the things he just loves to do, and make guesses as to the shape of his future self.
  1. Danger Boy sure does love his money. Every morning he sneaks around our bedroom looking for loose change on the side tables, and then heads for the silver beer stein where we store our unrolled coins, and lifts a few of the "good" ones (how does he know which ones are worth more, I wonder??). Now we've put it out of his reach, he stands beside the bed peering at me from about an inch away from my face saying, "Wake up mummy, give me money. Give me money. Give me money." It reminds me of that kid in Better off Dead who's trying to shake the family down for his $2. Yesterday he was looking all cheery, walking around going "Daddy gave me two money!!", clutching a 50p coin and a 2p. He was a very happy boy.

  2. The boy can run. He never crawled, never cruised. He bum-shuffled until he was about a year (alas, the fate of the second child is to never have precise records of these milestones), then just got up and started running. He will not walk anywhere - even coming home from nursery, he will either sit in the buggy, or he runs all the way home (it's about 1/3 of a mile).  Like a miniature Forrest Gump.

  3. He is ever so slightly too comfortable with jewellery and head wear. He's like some sort of little necklace magnet - he walks past and next thing you know he is draped in dozens of the things. And the hairbands, oh the hairbands. His favourite one is a shiny red one with a big red satin bow. He wears it sitting in his highchair eating lunch, at the playground, and pretty much everywhere else. I had to draw the line when he tried to wear it in the bath. If (heaven forbid) he ever forgets to bring a hairband, hairclip, hat, or some other nonsense, he absolutely must wear a hood.
So this is the sort of thing we're working with, and we really are stumped about his potential future self. Now, I know what you're thinking... but who ever heard of a marathon running pirate?

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