Sunday, 26 September 2010

Learning Negotiation Skills from a Three Year Old

This morning Danger Boy came down for breakfast wearing his big sister M's silver hairclips in his hair. With his wispy blond hair the effect was something akin to a fluffy chick wearing big shiny staples. Totally ridiculous and unbearably cute at the same time.

Now, as any of you with girls will know, hairclip appropriation is a serious offense, and provides ample justification for all manner of tantrums, strops, tears, and of course the hairclips are normally removed by force along with the clipped hair.

As DB came face to face with M, I saw her face change. Her eyes widened in horror when she say the clips. I waited for the inevitable fall-out. Then a strange thing happened: she visibly gathered herself together and they had a ...wait for it... conversation about it:

M:   "What are those shiny things in your hair?"
DB: "My hair Plips"
M:  "Hair Clips. Kah. Kah. Clips."
DB:  "Yep. My hair Plips."
M:  "Are you sure they're yours?"
DB: "Mine, Hair Plips"
M:  "Because I don't think they're actually yours. Where did you get them from?"
DB: "From up my hair"
M: "Before they were in your hair where were they? Were they in my room?"
DB: "No, my room."
M: "Are you sure? Because they look like the ones in my room."
DB: "no."
M:  {sighs}... "Maybe you can wear them for now. Just for this morning. But next time please ask me before you just take them out of my room."

I think perhaps three year old M has something she could teach me about negotiation, patience, and parenting in general!

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