Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The Bear and Sesames of Life

On the way home from Tumbletots this morning I finally managed to coax my two into the buggy so they would stop wandering all over the place and dangerously near the busy road. I instantly regretted it, realising that with them each weighing about 40 or 45 pounds, plus the weight of my buggy, and everyone's extra coats and drinks and boxes of raisins and my groceries... and some random xylophone that M insisted on bringing with us... pushing the buggy for 1.3 miles through Muswell Hill was going to be very hard work indeed.

I huffed and puffed and cursed them under my breath for silly things like having short little legs and not being old enough to drive themselves home (they're only 2 and 3.5, but hey).

And then I heard this:

"Look for the Bare Nam Sessories, they're simply bare nam sessories, forget about your worries and your stripes... it's just the bare nam sessories..."

They were holding hands and swaying left and right in the buggy, and singing with gusto, M wearing a pink t-shirt with her brand new fleece Peppa Pig hat, scarf and mitts, and Danger Boy covered head to toe in stickers (the boy loves his stickers). By the time they got to the verse I was grinning from ear to ear, as was every passerby on the high street.

Funnier still was M correcting Danger Boy:

DB: "The Bear and Sesame, it's simply Bear and Sesame..."
M: "It's not Sesame!!! It's Sessories!!!"

Funny how such a simple little thing can affect your day. My children's slightly mad interpretation of our favourite Jungle Book song made 32 strangers smile, and here's hoping it made you smile too!

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Learning Negotiation Skills from a Three Year Old

This morning Danger Boy came down for breakfast wearing his big sister M's silver hairclips in his hair. With his wispy blond hair the effect was something akin to a fluffy chick wearing big shiny staples. Totally ridiculous and unbearably cute at the same time.

Now, as any of you with girls will know, hairclip appropriation is a serious offense, and provides ample justification for all manner of tantrums, strops, tears, and of course the hairclips are normally removed by force along with the clipped hair.

As DB came face to face with M, I saw her face change. Her eyes widened in horror when she say the clips. I waited for the inevitable fall-out. Then a strange thing happened: she visibly gathered herself together and they had a ...wait for it... conversation about it:

M:   "What are those shiny things in your hair?"
DB: "My hair Plips"
M:  "Hair Clips. Kah. Kah. Clips."
DB:  "Yep. My hair Plips."
M:  "Are you sure they're yours?"
DB: "Mine, Hair Plips"
M:  "Because I don't think they're actually yours. Where did you get them from?"
DB: "From up my hair"
M: "Before they were in your hair where were they? Were they in my room?"
DB: "No, my room."
M: "Are you sure? Because they look like the ones in my room."
DB: "no."
M:  {sighs}... "Maybe you can wear them for now. Just for this morning. But next time please ask me before you just take them out of my room."

I think perhaps three year old M has something she could teach me about negotiation, patience, and parenting in general!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

20% Off Sale at White Stuff - Today only

Just got this in my inbox and thought I would share!! Yes, I admit, most of my post-baby clothes are White Stuff... but they are so lovely and flattering, I just can't help it. Thank goodness for the occasional sale. Until midnight tonight they are offering 20% off when you enter "TEABAG" at the checkout on WhiteStuff.com - enjoy!

Monday, 20 September 2010

You heard it here first! (Weird singing by 3 yr old M)

Just looking back through my old boos and had a little chuckle listening to M's weird made up song:


Friday, 17 September 2010

Danger Boy sings Happy Birthday on AudioBoo.fm

This is a cute little audioboo of Danger Boy singing the Happy Birthday song from CBeebies.


Friday, 10 September 2010

Que sera sera... What will Danger Boy be when he grows up?

Ever wondered what your child will grow up to be? When I look at little Danger Boy I often wonder what he will look like, how he will sound, how he will enjoy spending his time. My friends and I piece together all of his funny little ways, his personality, and the things he just loves to do, and make guesses as to the shape of his future self.
  1. Danger Boy sure does love his money. Every morning he sneaks around our bedroom looking for loose change on the side tables, and then heads for the silver beer stein where we store our unrolled coins, and lifts a few of the "good" ones (how does he know which ones are worth more, I wonder??). Now we've put it out of his reach, he stands beside the bed peering at me from about an inch away from my face saying, "Wake up mummy, give me money. Give me money. Give me money." It reminds me of that kid in Better off Dead who's trying to shake the family down for his $2. Yesterday he was looking all cheery, walking around going "Daddy gave me two money!!", clutching a 50p coin and a 2p. He was a very happy boy.

  2. The boy can run. He never crawled, never cruised. He bum-shuffled until he was about a year (alas, the fate of the second child is to never have precise records of these milestones), then just got up and started running. He will not walk anywhere - even coming home from nursery, he will either sit in the buggy, or he runs all the way home (it's about 1/3 of a mile).  Like a miniature Forrest Gump.

  3. He is ever so slightly too comfortable with jewellery and head wear. He's like some sort of little necklace magnet - he walks past and next thing you know he is draped in dozens of the things. And the hairbands, oh the hairbands. His favourite one is a shiny red one with a big red satin bow. He wears it sitting in his highchair eating lunch, at the playground, and pretty much everywhere else. I had to draw the line when he tried to wear it in the bath. If (heaven forbid) he ever forgets to bring a hairband, hairclip, hat, or some other nonsense, he absolutely must wear a hood.
So this is the sort of thing we're working with, and we really are stumped about his potential future self. Now, I know what you're thinking... but who ever heard of a marathon running pirate?

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Why I can't write.

I've had so many ups and downs this month, and such intense experiences that you would think I'd feel compelled to log in and tell everyone. Bizarrely the exact opposite has happened. The bigger the event, the more intense the feelings, and the more I do, the less I feel inclined to write.

Is this a well known form of writers block? Or am I worried that writing about something exhilarating reduces it to the mundane?

I'm dying to tell you about my trip back home and the joy I felt sitting around a fire talking nonsense with my family. And about giggling and doing handstands underwater with a good friend's daughter. And my son's first hair cut. And his first day moving from the creche to the main nursery. And the frustrations and loneliness of trying to start up a business without the full support of people around me. And my visit to the Oracle to talk about growing up and what it means to be me. I want to tell you all about the feeling of flying through the air over a high jump at my audition. And about the way my guitar resonated after I played the last chord on my first ever live performance last weekend.

But I can't. Not yet.