Saturday, 7 August 2010

Danger Boy's death defying leap from his cot

The moment we have always been dreading has arrived. Danger Boy has been pretty unhappy with the whole cot situation for some time now. For a few weeks he's been really distressed at bedtime and shouting "No baby bed! No baby cot!", hiding in his sister's bed, in our bed, wherever he can. Then I caught him with one little toe hooked over the top, straining and trying to hoist himself out. Then a few days ago he tried a new tactic - he jumped up and down wildly and tried to pole vault over the top, minus the pole. He got stuck halfway and teetered on the bar before falling back down again.  So we knew it was coming...

But tonight when I heard the THUMP, and the inevitable scream, my heart went in my throat. He did it. He escaped. He jumped and jumped and jumped and lauched himself out of his cot, head first.

He's not like his big sister. He will no doubt tear all over the house at bedtime, or appear in our doorway in the middle of the night. I have no idea what to do or where to start. We can't possibly maintain status quo or the poor little guy will really hurt himself.

Any advice would be most welcome!!


  1. we spent a miserable couple of weeks trying to persuade our boy to stay in bed after we put him there (because he was climbing out of the cot too!) - in the end we decided that we couldn't actually make him stay in bed but that we could make him stay in his room with a stairgate across the doorway (with the door open of course)....we basically kept our bed time routine and put him to bed as usual, but then just let him get up/play/look at books or whatever until he went to bed himself or fell asleep on the floor. It worked fine - and as time went by he stayed in bed more and more anyway; now he's at school he's so knackered at the end of the day it's never a problem to get him to go to bed....good luck!

  2. Thanks Michelle! What a difference - my daughter never got out of her bed. Feel like a completely inexperienced mum all over again :-S Hubby is trying to find a way to modify the cot to lower it a couple more inches, but after that I think your stairgate idea might well work. As long as he doesn't pile up his toys and use them to climb up and over...