Friday, 2 July 2010

Please help the Joseph Salmon Trust

I wanted to tell you a little about Joseph Salmon, but with two beautiful healthy little children at home, I simply can't write the words. So I am pasting some bits and pieces from other sites in hopes that you will be compelled to give generously to the Joseph Salmon Trust, a charity providing financial support for those who have lost a child.

Joseph was a happy, healthy three year old who loved life. He enjoyed playing with his toy trains, his cars and his pretend kitchen. He had a busy social life, with lots of friends from nursery, friends who lived nearby and his little sister.

He enjoyed cooking with his mummy,going on trains and buses with his daddy, and playing outside with anyone who would join in.

Joseph had a passion for books and had just started to ‘read’ them to his younger sister. It felt like his life was just beginning.

This all changed on 1st April 2005, when Joseph died. Joseph did not suffer, he simply fell into a deeper sleep from which he never awoke.

The Joseph Salmon Trust has been set up in his name.


Later this month, 60 people from all over the world are coming together to walk the 84 mile length of the Hadrian’s Wall Footpath to raise money for the Joseph Salmon Trust. So far they've raised £15,575 - as walker Dan Hughes says, "that £15,575 is made up of £5, £10, and £20 pound notes. Every penny counts and every time a donation comes in the total creeps ever higher."

Please give whatever you can.


  1. Thank you, both for this and for your very generous donation. It is very much appreciated

  2. My pleasure. You guys have worked so hard for this cause. I wish I could join you for the walk - next time!
    BTW I tweeted like a maniac & I know Gurgle forwarded it hopefully you should get some new donations tonight.

  3. Hey Dan and hi MVK. We can include a little mention in the newsletter tommorow, if OK with you.

  4. Thanks so much for all your support for our walk. It was an amazing experience, and we have the feet to prove it. :D

  5. Great to hear that it went well and would love to hear more. I'll post a McLinky list here so you guys can add links back to your blogs about the walk and the fundraising.