Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Today is my birthday and it's 3!

I was going to do a Wordless Wednesday, but I couldn't resist a few words on this one. Three years ago (minus a day), this is the view I had looking down:

Today is Madeleine's 3rd birthday. We sang "Happy Birthday" to Madeleine, and "A Very Merry Un-Birthday" to Elliot, and we're all very very excited.

Madeleine has asked if she can please have a Baby Sister because "I don't even have any, and I only have a baby brother and sometimes he is naughty, really, and he keeps bundling me. And he's a bit of a bitey boy isn't he?"

Madeleine is chattier than ever on the subject of her birthday - here is a random snippet from this morning:  "Yesterday was the last day of being 2, and today is my birthday and it's 3 (sree), and Elliot's 1, but it's not his birthday. And I am very bigger and I can put on my socks and a lovely dress all by myself and .. look, Daddy buyed me a t-shirt and it's Ernie and a rubber ducky from my TV!!"

Happy birthday little curly-locks! xxx

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