Wednesday, 3 March 2010

M's random musings on the Dangers of Walking Home

That plant is very prickly and poky [walking past a holly bush] and if you touch it, it will hurt you. And it will poke a hole into your finger, or poke a hole in your hand. Or if you put it on your eye it will poke a hole inside your eye and then you can't see anything and you will have a poorly eye and you might need some special medicine drops to go inside your eyes. And if I close my eyes I can't see anything. But if I can't see anything I might fall down and I might step in doggy poo and a car might bonk me on the head. Mr Bump has a "yuge" plaster because he always falls down and is bonked on the head and apples fall on him. That's funny, isn't it mummy?

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  1. ha ha ha, i love the way their brains jump form one thing to another and it all makes perfect sense to them.