Sunday, 14 February 2010

I can’t believe he’s proposing while I’m wearing his dad’s enormous fleece socks over my jeans

Claire’s Valentines Day carnival made me think of this life-changing event from January 2004:

My boyfriend (G) and I were up in Yorkshire over the Christmas holidays, staying in a cozy little cottage. That morning I lay there, tucked under 3 blankets on one of those funny beds that fold out of the wall, groggily coming to after sleeping off a fair amount of whiskey-and-ginger-ale and a week’s worth of celebrations up in Newcastle.

All I could imagine doing was spending the whole day in that bed, springs digging into my side, G poking at the fire with a stick as men do, and maybe stretching so far as to read the Craven Herald. Instead, G insisted that it was the perfect day for a hike. Hmmm… freezing cold, sleeting, and foggy in the middle of North Yorkshire, yes, what a beautiful day for a hike. I scowled at him, hoping this would bring him to his senses. He pestered me until I finally relented and we set off on our hike up to Simon’s Seat, the highest peak in the area. After about 4 hours of me grumpily trudging uphill wearing every item of clothing I own in hopes of keeping out the damp Yorkshire cold, muttering curses under my breath, we finally reached the peak. I looked around and could see…

… nothing. Absolutely nothing. We were smack in the middle of thick cloud, and instead of seeing the whole of Yorkshire, I could see about 5 feet in front of me, consisting of wet gray rocks, slush, and …. G on one (now soggy) knee in the slush in front of me, holding my knitted red mittened hands in his.

There is no way to describe that feeling, knowing what’s coming, wondering whether it's real or an elaborate wind-up, being ever so slightly petrified and unbelievably excited all at once. I thought I was going to burst. A million things when through my head, most of them being completely inane, like “I can’t believe he’s proposing while I’m wearing his dad’s enormous fleece socks over my jeans”, and “gosh, if I’d said no, how would we have gotten back down off this peak?”. But mostly I was thinking, "a grumpy, frizzy-haired and famously unfashionable Canadian girl dressed for the cold is not a pretty sight, and this guy is looking at me like I'm the most beautiful girl in the world. This is real."
Of course, I said yes.


  1. How could you not? what a lovely story!

  2. How sweet! And of course you said yes, socks or no socks x