Thursday, 17 December 2009

Undesirable Behaviour

I’ve just finished reading Toddler Taming by Dr Christopher Green, and am still trying to digest all the information and decide how best to put it into practice. While I finish collecting my thoughts about Toddler Taming, here is a bit of a snapshot of the “undesirable behaviour” I am hoping we can understand, tone down, or resolve in some way:
- dawdling over meals, refusing to eat, demanding to be spoon-fed like a baby
- hitting me or throwing things at me when she really isn’t getting her way
- hitting or pushing E
- shouting
- whining
- drawing out bedtime with one thing after another – usually using “I need a wee” as an excuse since she knows we really won’t ignore it
- throwing uncontrollable and lengthy tantrums over minor incidents
- throwing tantrums when I need to focus on E instead (for example while changing his nappy)
- telling me / E “you are not my friend”

E is also entering toddlerhood with a very fiery temper and an incredible ability to physically resist getting dressed, getting into the buggy, having his nappy changed or being made to sit down at mealtimes. I don’t know how much of it is learned behaviour from his sister, and how much is just natural for his age, but either way I’d really like it to be just a little bit easier!! Let’s hope these books say something constructive...

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